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Luxury Houses Vol.2 By Luxxu Luxury Houses Vol.2 By Luxxu

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide – Discover the most precious gems you can find in the capital of fashion and design, according to Dining Room Ideas. Must-go places embed in luxury for you to meet during Fuorisalone and Salone del Mobile or any other time! A petit luxury guide to bring the city’s: outstanding restaurants, remarkable hotels, high-end exhibitorssightsdesign districts, and art galleries.

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The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide

The Most Precious Gems of the Capital of Fashion & Design


Bvlgari Hotel

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Booking

The Bvlgari Hotel is the perfect choice to make you feel at home in the heart of the city – thumbs up for the remarkable aesthetics, the polished lines, and the luxurious details. Here you’ll find a friendly staff team that will take care of you in a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. The perfect combination of elegant and modern design.

Park Hyatt

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Traveller Made

For enthusiasts of clean design and quiet accommodations, here’s the Park Hyatt. This one has it all – multicourse tasting menus, private terraces, gorgeous views of the city, and a Michelin-star restaurant. Enjoy the best Milan has to offer in a peaceful way because this is the kind of experience you’ll never forget.

Mandarin Oriental

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Booking

If you’re looking forward to stopping by Milan’s fashion boutiques, then the Mandarin Oriental might be an appropriate option – it just takes a short walk. The rooms and suites were designed by Antonio Citterio and the hotel is set in a complex of 18th Century buildings. Not convinced yet? There’s a 2 Michelin stars restaurant on-site!

Armani Hotel

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Booking

Only a few minutes away from Via Montenapoleone and Piazza del Duomo, the Armani Hotel will charm you in every possible way you can imagine. Yes, the hotel was designed and developed by Giorgio Armani so be ready for moments of absolute bliss and serenity. You can thank us later!

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide



The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Flawless Milano

Claudio Liu opened this fine restaurant in 2007 and now it is seen as a “food temple”. Delicious dishes set the scenario for this sensational restaurant, whose kitchen is led by Michele Biassoni. For fans of mouth-watering raw dishes, Iyo has the master Masaki Okada on the sushi counter. Tasty!

Miramonti l’Altro di Concesio

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ La Soste

Located in a lovely villa, Miramonti l’Altro di Concesio combines the greatest food with the owners’ hospitality. Fish from the lake and the sea and a distinct French influence will surely blow your senses. There’s also a selection of Italian cheeses and other varieties you need to taste. Don’t miss it!

Da Vittorio di Brusaporto

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ De-gustare

Away from Milan’s bustle, we find this sensational restaurant… on the hills. It has been a favorite for seafood lovers since 1960 so what are you waiting for? Da Vittorio di Brusaporto received its third Michelin star in 2010 for its out-of-this-world food and its decoration is simply mesmerizing. Feel hungry yet?

D’O di Cornaredo

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Flawless Milano

If you enjoy the simple side of things, here’s a restaurant for you. A creative kitchen, a cozy environment, and traditional recipes make this a famous place. Oh, and there’s also a phenomenal wine cellar with a selection of about one hundred labels. Because life is all about simple pleasures.


Il Duomo

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Berlina

Il Duomo is one of the most magnificent churches ever, an example of the Flamboyant Gothic style. It’s massive, colossal, and, of course, extremely inspiring. If you have the chance, take a walk on the roof of the cathedral because that’s an impressive experience with mind-blowing views of the city.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Condé Nast Traveler

If you’re into luxury shops and elegant cafés, you’ll find Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II a lovely place to visit. Built between 1865 and 1877, and designed by Giuseppe Mengoni, it’s a splendid example of the 19th Century’s architectural style. It’s like being in the setting of a movie… a luxurious one.

Castello Sforzesco

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ in-Lombardia

Located next to one of the most amazing Milan gardens, Castello Sforzesco features a collection of decorative art, antiquities, and a gallery that includes paintings by Bellini, Bergognone, and Antonello da Messina. Perfect for those relaxed times with your family or friends. You won’t regret it.

Teatro Alla Scala

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Locationscout

Visiting Teatro Alla Scala is one of those adventures of a lifetime. You’ll feel the pulsation of years of cultural heritage filling the atmosphere of the most prestigious opera house in the world. Verdi, Rossini, and Toscanini performed here at La Scala and there’s also a museum inside you must visit.

Art Galleries


The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Klatmagazine

Galleries, museums, and exhibitions highlight issues of great social importance. Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, founded in 1979, is a space fully dedicated to contemporary art. The goal, back in the day, was to generate all sorts of discussion on art and contemporary projects, casting a glance towards the future. Nowadays, the mission goes on.

Hangar Bicocca

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Abbonamento Musei

Hangar Bicocca is where you’ll find amazing art installations, cutting-edge exhibitions, and inspiring workshops. If you’re planning to go out of the city center, Hangar Bicocca might be a perfect choice, since it is a contemplation place for art enthusiasts. Design is in constant mutation and Hangar Bicocca is a dynamic proof of that.

Museo del Novecento

The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide

Museo del Novecento is dedicated to the 20th Century and how it inspired us as the years passed by. It’s a place of tremendous value in what comes of cultural and artistic heritage. There are a lot of exhibitions happening throughout the year and certainly, you’ll find a lot of things that will make you fall in love instantly. Art is powerful!


The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide

Ⓒ Flawless Milano

Here’s a good example of ideological renovation. MUDEC was an old factory that got transformed into a complex of studios, workshops, and other creative spaces. Industrial archaeology gives way to the world of imagination and now you get to see it with your own eyes. Because change always brings good things.

Design Districts


The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide

Ⓒ Flawless Milano

Isola Design District is to be found next to contemporary architectural excellences such as Piazza Gae Aulenti, Bosco Verticale, or the Unicredit Tower. Within this context, a new system made of typical courtyards, shop windows, and indoor and open spaces has been created to showcase projects of international emerging designers and local artisans.


The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Dezeen

Described as the new Italian Brooklyn, the Lambrate Design District brings you out of the Milan chaos to put you in a dimension that exudes ideas and innovation. It has been reconfirmed as a cult location for all the design lovers of the world. Since 2000, the district has been the subject of upgrading, which is still going on thanks to its constant evolution.


The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Design@large

Tortona Design District is almost like an exposition of the latest design trends. Lofts, photographic and design studios, showrooms, workshops, fashion ateliers, and industrial sites in the district are transformed into exhibition areas where, each year, over one hundred companies present their best products from their previous years.


The Ultimate Milan Luxury Guide
Ⓒ Brera Design District

For all those who are attending Milan Design Week, the Brera Design District is a mandatory stopping point. It’s like a parallel universe you will remember for life and for sure you’ll feel the need to come back every now and then. From digital marketing to concept and graphic design, with all that is in between, Brera has a bit of everything.

As proven, Milan is a very luxurious city. To Dining Room Ideas it is simply the trendiest city in all of Italy. A statement of elegance, populated by the most incredible restaurants, art galleries, and shops. Let’s forget the sights!

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