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Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms own by Oscar-Winners

What do all these Hollywood legends have in common? Remarkable dining rooms and, at least, a golden statuette to go with the decor. Grab some ideas and gather tips from actors, directors and musicians that have contributed to add some glamour to the big screen. Find out Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms own by Oscar Winners, as presented by Dining Room Ideas.

Here are the nominees:

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Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms

Own by Oscar-Winners

Jessicas Chastain’s Bold Statement Dining Room

The Most Stunning Dining Rooms Own by Oscar Winners
Photo: Architectural Digest

Jessica Chastain’s dining room could very well be a reinterpretation of her red carpet looks: elegant but with a certain edginess, provided by textures, colors and details.

There are classic elements in the decoration of the best actress’ dining area, such as the textured wall paper, the wood table with a golden edge, and the Venetian-glass chandelier.

The quirky contemporary approach, however, is given by the oak panels lacquered in white, the Ralph Lauren Home chairs and the purple velvet sofa.


Wax Chandelier & Tempus Rug

Elton John’s Bright Colored Dining Room

Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms
Photo: Achitectural Digest

Sir Elton John won two best original song awards. His style is as unmistakable as his tunes: poignant, vibrant and colorful. Could his home decor be any different?

The singer-songwriter’s Los Angeles home was conceived as a place for family. Therefore, comfort was a main requirement, possible to achieve thanks to a practical glass table and upholstered bright blue chairs. The space is an ode to design and visual arts, with a Keith Haring painting and Williams Eggleston photography hanging on the walls.

Oliver Stone’s Facing the Hudson River Dining Room

Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms
Photo: Architectural Digest

Famous interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield is to blame for the exquisiteness of Oliver Stone’s Manhattan apartment dining room and other stunning celebrity dining rooms. An open window facing the Hudson River reflects on the rectangular glass dining table, suitable both for work and leisure.

The visual effect is stunning and quite poetic, almost as one of the cinematic techniques used by the director on his award-winning films. A pair of Burmese Buddha hands add movement to the table, extended by the Lee Jofa fabric shades, framing the outside landscape, like a theater movie screen.

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Cher’s Palatian Morrocan Inspired Dining Room

Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms
Photo: Architectural Digest

Although Cher is a well-known singer, it was as best actress she got to take home her Academy Award, for her role in the romantic comedy-drama Moonstruck. She is indeed a woman of peculiar taste and many great talents.

Her Malibu retreat is also worthy of recognition. In a Moroccan inspired house, where the earthy pink tones are dominant, the ivory dining room has a holy athmosphere. It is, in fact, a place of celebration and reunion. Brass lamps and lanterns, an antique silver mirror, and the elegance mid-century chairs are evocative of the Arabian Nights tales.


Charla Swivel Dining Chair & Algerone Rectangular Dining Table

Will Smith’s Malibu Family Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms

Photo: Architectural Digest

2022’s Oscar ceremony awarded Will Smith with a Best Actor distinction and a lot of trouble.

Located in Malibu, his California retreat is an extension of his role as a family man that cherishes spending time with his loved ones above it all.

The African themed dining room, in earthy orange tones, is warm and inviting. Dominated by a long, rectangular, custom-made dining table, the area is punctuated by fabric and bronze details that create some refinement.

Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms
Photo: Architectural Digest

A bespoke crystal beads chandelier illuminates a more private sitting area, behind bronze doors, acknowledging the importance of cultivating the sparkle of love.

Hilary Swank’s Colorado Dining Room

Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms
Photo: Architectural Digest

The two-time Oscar-winning actress’ mountain home dining room is an open window into striking Colorado’s landscape. Unpretentious, but full of charm, the luminous space is sided by a marble fireplace and highlighted by a statement lamp.

The roof-to-floor window opens out completely, unraveling a very functional outdoor area, with other dining facilities.

An wow factor that makes this interior design project worthy of a highlight at Dining Room Ideas‘ Stunning Celebrity Dining Rooms own by Oscar-Winners list.

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