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13 Reasons Why You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

The dining room is a multi-functional space where we eat and entertain our friends and family, some of us even choose to work at our dining room tables – therefore dining room decor should be carefully considered in order to create the ideal ambient. Dining room furnishings such as chairs and tables are an important part of this. Grey is an incredibly versatile color and a favorite in the world of interior design, it is available in numerous different shades ranging from pale and neutral to dark and bold, making it an excellent choice for making your dining room decor with this color. Whether you choose darker or lighter tones, your grey furniture pieces won’t go out of fashion and will work well with the majority of surrounding interiors. We will showcase and overview some of the inspirational designs of grey dining room and outline the reasons and considerations for choosing the grey color as your main for your dining room design.


You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

Whether you love rustic, modern or mid-century, the dining room is one of your best opportunities for showcasing your sense of style in your home. But it’s such a furniture-centered space that often it’s easy for us to overlook the potential of other ways to distinguish it. Even something as simple as a coat of paint can take your dining room in an entirely new direction—giving a sense of color and sophistication that usually isn’t possible with furniture alone. And creating an impact doesn’t require a bold or overpowering color. In fact, one of the best colors for a dining room is gray. From it’s lightest tones to it’s moodiest shades, gray is a color that never fails to add drama to everything else you do in a space. To show you what we mean, here’s are some of our favorite dining rooms in this mysterious neutral shade.

You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

For rooms with classic architecture elements, gray is especially good for highlighting the details. Even without an abundance of furniture, the character of this room is defined by the color of the walls and floor and the built in design of the room.

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You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

Gray is good for much more than a paint color in your dining room. The gray present in the furnishings and represented in the art give this dining room an undeniable air of quiet dignity.

You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

Whenever you are using one color as the main influence in your space, it’s always good to find interesting ways to break up the blocks of color. Here a whimsical leaf-pattern wallpaper in gray maintains the color story while adding a fresh pop of pattern. If you can’t match the colors as exactly as you’d like, use stencils and paint to get the look you’re after.
You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

Gray is a cool color, so any time you have a big infusion of a warm color, like the painting seen above, you have the perfect recipe for a big visual moment.

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You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

When decorating with neutral colors, embrace subtle ways to add interest to the walls. The light texturing of the gray wallpaper in this luxury dining room adds the little extra element that pulls together the aesthetic of the space.

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You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor

Every shade of brown in this room just jumps off of the gray backdrop. If your dining room includes a lot of wood tones, then a darker gray is an excellent choice for taking what might look like an ordinary table or chair and turning it into the eye-catching center of attention.

You Need A Grey Dining Room Decor
The pop of color provided by these flowers is made even more appealing by the patterned backdrop provided by the patterned drapery. The white space in the drapes keeps the all-gray space from looking too color-blocked and enclosed.
These large metallic lights absolutely shine in this space. Their warm sheen cuts through the gray space making it an instant focal point.
Whenever you can mix gray with other colors in a single piece, such as art or a rug, it’s a good thing. It can either bring the colors you have in the room together or set the stage for adding new colors into the mix. In this case, the gray rug ties in the blue chairs with the gray walls and even the silver overhead lighting.
Here’s another space where warm wood tones take center stage against a dark gray background. As before, the strength of the space is in the almost 50/50 division of colors between dark grays and warm wood tones.

Walls in lighter gray give the room a less serious and more cheerful look, and such rooms seem far more inviting on cold, dark winter nights. Those living in the tropics and blessed with ample sunlight all year long can use the darker shades of gray with far more freedom, as natural light and wonderful ventilation balance the setting perfectly.

Since the gray background in the dining room offers a lovely canvas, think of your lighting choices as standalone decor additions that will make a big impact even when they are not switched on.
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