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Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Embrace Luxury in a Picturesque Scenery

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How the Perfect Dining Room will Change your Life

How the Perfect Dining Room will Change your Life

A plain old dining room that you don’t really care about will be used for nothing more than a quick meal. Why settle for that, when you can create a dining area where friends and family want to spend time in?

Dining Room Lights to Inspire you

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Try envisioning a dream scenario of how it would look and feel to spend your evenings and Sunday mornings in a calm, beautiful environment that you’re in love with while enjoying delicious dinners or a good breakfast. Don’t allow days to just go by, life is a journey where every single day should be enjoyed and treasured, and every meal (or at least one meal a day!) is an experience in and of itself. A great dining room will take your daily life to another level, whether you sit and enjoy the surroundings in the peace of your own company, or are sharing moments with loved ones, investing in, and setting time aside, to create the type of dining space that you will find joy and pleasure in is more than worth it. Most of us don’t even realize how much time per day, per week, and per month is spent consuming food, snacks, and drinks as well. If a quarter of our lives goes to these activities, we should all ask ourselves if we are truly full of joy and satisfaction every single day while we eat.

The gorgeous KOI II has a base in aged brass and a top in acrylic.

The KOI II dining table can be used for two persons even with its large size, this also allows a bigger group of people to comfortably gather around the table for those occasions. Check Brabbu’s website to see the KOI I which has the same design, just round and smaller, for more intimate and close-up interactions.

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They say time flies and that the years go by fast, well, we can slow it down, make every day count, and make it a wonderful experience by living in the present, enjoying each and every moment we have. Therefor, every room of your home should be created with love and an energy that will turn those rooms into an environment where you can actually relax, disconnect from the outside world, and live in an astonishing paradise every minute. Regardless of your budget and schedule, set some time aside and make it happen. You won’t regret it, and your life will turn around. It is your home, after all, where you spend the majority of your time and life! Eating is an important part of most cultures; we do it several times a day, whether we are alone or while we socialize with good friends or our beloved family. It is, perhaps, the one activity that all of us humans have in common: we love to eat, or at least ´we all have a physiological need to do so. Whether we are happy, sad, excited or stressed, alone or in a large group, food is there to safe us, to make us feel good, to help us come together as human beings and feel satisfaction within because we are fulfilling a basic human need: to socialize, in one way or another, with our own kind. Appealing dining rooms can therefor make the difference between a happy, joyful life, and one with dejection and lack of positive energy. So create the ambience that is right for you, and it will change your life.

Here’s an image from the Isaloni tradeshow in Milano, showing you some possible Brabbu products that could be added to your dining room

Will you change your life and live each day in the perfect surroundings?

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