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Modern Luxury Dining Room Ideas

Modern Luxury Dining Room Ideas – Follow the latest interior design trends, inspiration and ideas to make the right choice when it comes to a luxury dining room. The most expensive homes put together a curated list of ambiances that balance comfort, aesthetics, and style! The secret ingredient for a truly magical dining experience is to find a dining room style that suits your hosting needs & home perfectly.


Contemporary dining tables are not a new subject for Jonathan Adler. Potter, designer and author, Jonathan launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery.

[brands-footer]  10 ideas for a modern luxury dining

Jonathan Adler's Home Design - A 'Modern American Glamour' Abode

Design a beautiful and stylish dining space with these modern dining tables in a variety of colors and materials. 10 ideas for a modern luxury dining


Covet house

This expensive dining table promises to elevate your Luxury Dining Room to the next level. The neutral-toned dining room by Covet House is defined by the combination of materials that enhance style and architecture. 10 ideas for a modern luxury dining

10 Ideas For A Modern Luxury Dining Room

This luxury chairs piece is part of Covet House’ss collection, that is full of sophisticated, elegant, and ideal furniture to complement any modern interior design.


10 Ideas For A Modern Luxury Dining Room

The dining room serves an upgraded perspective to the dining experience. With a strong structure made of brass, wood, and marble and a rectangular glass top, the Bellagio dining table becomes the idyllic centerpiece. This setting is further enhanced by dining chairs that balance luxury and comfort to their finest form as these modern designs are enveloped in gray leather and velvet and feature polished brass details. The Shard suspension makes quite an impressive statement. 10 ideas for a modern luxury dining

10 Ideas For A Modern Luxury Dining Room- waterfall sputnik

Preserving the inspiration on the natural sensation of waterfalls, this unique piece was born to complete the superb Waterfall Collection. Made with high-quality brass and beautifully handmade ribbed tubes of crystal glass, this powerful creation will fit perfectly into any ambiance. Discover the Waterfall Sputnik and the Charla chairs for the ultimate elegant touch of luxury in your design projects. 10 ideas for a modern luxury dining

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Highlighted with traditional and antique-looking pieces from baroque to rococo, and particularly from the Louis XV period, this room has a distinctly French flavor.  The walls are covered in a fresh contemporary fabric mixing perfectly with Boca do Lobo’s antique-looking Nº 11 chairs. The Beyond Dining Table represents a cutting-edge design, and since our client is adventurous, the lighting is daring. The Babel II Suspension is the statement piece for that vibrant metallic look. 10 ideas for a modern luxury dining



A Multi-Million Dollar Penthouse In Paris, Boca do Lobo's Newest Endeavour

In Paris, the city of lights and the home of iconic design is nestled a luxurious and eclectic 1450 square feet apartment. An apartment fit for the most creative minds, this project is one of the many homes of a prolific architect, who also dabbles in the art dealing worldBoca do Lobo Design Studio teamed up with the private client to collaborate in this unique interior design project.

Exclusive Furniture Ideas to Brighten Up Your Luxury Home | Empire Dining Table

multimillion-dollar penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectable design and the client’s needs to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time.

Liberty lighting pendants

The generous dining room was designed to highlight the comfortable luxury and palpable sophistication. This space is comprised of a plethora of cutting-edge and tailored designs that certainly stand the test of time! The Beyond dining table sets the stage with its golden and neutral tones playing an intriguing contrast with its surrounding elements. The Charla dining chairs were the upholstered designs selected to comfort guests whereas the Waterfall rectangular suspension sparkles smooth lighting over the table. 

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Furthermore, a set of Otto Swivel armchairs brings an extra layer of comfort and poise, making quite an imperial statement. From the Waterfall floor lamps to the Gala torch wall lights, both exclusive pieces that present palatial influences with a hint of modernity. 


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Heritage penthouse in liverpool

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