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Majestic Dining Room in a Must-See Sharjah Villa

Majestic Dining Room in a Must-See Sharjah VillaNada Shehab, a renowned interior designer from Cairo, collaborated with LUXXU and Boca do Lobo to create this magnificent villa in the center of Sharjah. Our goal was to create a design that would represent the district’s revitalization, making it vibrant by revealing its glorious past, because we knew that this emirate was committed to preserving and restoring its heritage. It only makes sense to match your decor when you plan to build your home in an area rich in culture and archaeological discoveries!

Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah

This is how Sharjah’s Majestic Villa came to be. The ideal synthesis of modern and traditional styles that were carefully chosen to best represent everything Sharjah has to offer, from history buffs to more daring individuals.

Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah

You’ll be enthralled by how this distinctive decor is packed with hidden treasures to discover, along with the unique masterpieces presented by the LUXXU and Boca do Lobo brands, which never fail to impress with their cutting-edge styles while preserving the best of classics.


Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah

As soon as you enter this magnificent villa, you’ll notice the entryway and how seamlessly Nada Shehab‘s style has been incorporated with LUXXU and Boca do Lobo‘s works of art. A beautiful and cozy atmosphere is created by using a patterned marble floor and wood slabs on the ceiling, allowing you to unwind immediately after arriving with all of the day’s stresses. The Halo Mirror by Boca do Lobo adds a dash of personality and increases the illusion of depth of the entryway itself. At the same time, the Beyond Console by LUXXU not only complements the other materials but also enhances them with its richness and functionality.

Living Room

Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah

It’s difficult to resist the urge to just sit down and relax in such a gorgeous living area! In Sharjah, it is essential to have a lot of natural light, so having floor-to-ceiling windows helps. You can see how Nada uses three Algerone Sofas from LUXXU to give the living room an exclusive expression by highlighting its classic lines and geometric features. The Cairene interior designer also managed to demonstrate how adaptable LUXXU can be with a customized Charla Stool. Two Algerone Set Center Tables were positioned in the middle of the room to create a perfect match with the marble of the house itself as well, which served to intensify the feeling and bring in the representation of the architectural allure that is all over Sharjah.


The Never-Ending Luxe Of This Majestic Villa In Sharjah

Dining Room

Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah

As we move to the opposite side of the first floor, a large and impressive dining room welcomes us. This dining room exhibits duality at its finest, attempting to both revitalize and at the same time give you the spirit of adventure that permeates Sharjah. The Algerone Rectangular Dining Table and Charla Dining Chairs by LUXXU were used with a softer and lighter color scheme, which was then contrasted by the use of the black mirror on the ceiling, giving the space a polished and upscale appearance. A stunning marble fireplace with the Lapiaz Table Lamp is situated in the center of the seamlessly integrated bookcases, adding to the contrast, alongside the Newton Mirror, both by Boca do Lobo.



Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah

When you’re ready to rest, you can do so more easily by passing through the hallway, which shares the same materials and atmosphere as the entryway. As previously stated, Sharjah takes pride in both the natural beauty of its surroundings (such as the east coast) and the adventurous nature of its people. A giant plant with pink flowers was used to represent the unusually pale-pink pearls found in the seas off the coast of Sharjah in the 7th century, and Nada Shehab kept the design simple with black marble stairs and a wooden floor while adding a biophilic element!

Get An Endless Luxe Feel Within A Majestic Villa In Sharjah



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