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Lighting Trends Spotted at ISaloni 23

Lighting Trends Spotted at ISaloni 23 – The Dining Room Ideas team has been spending the last few days wandering through the corridors of the greatest trade fair for the interior design sector in the world, where trends are settled and big innovations are revealed: the ISaloni. Our times at the Milan Design Week have been quite profitable, as our eyes are always settled on absorbing the latest news and products concerning dining room design. That is the reason why we could not have attended Euroluce and not taken notes of what we believe to be the trends that will take dining room illumination to a whole different level!

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Lighting Trends Spotted

Lighting Trends Spotted at ISaloni 23

Innovations That Will Take Dining Room Lighting To The Next Level

Lighting Trends Spotted
Luxxu Lighting at Euroluce

The biennial event Euroluce, part of the Milanese tradeshow Salone del Mobile, held in Milan, Italy, is one of the most significant events for design professionals and enthusiasts in the lighting category. This year’s edition was no different and showcased the latest trends and innovations and we cannot help but feel impressed by what we’ve been seeing.

The Future is Green

Smart technology has come to stay. Smart lighting systems allow users to control light fixtures with their smartphones, voice commands, or even a simple gesture. This technology creates an experience that no only is tailor-made to the individual’s preferences as it allows some considerable power savings. It creates a more personal and adaptable atmosphere to any needs and leads to a much more sustainable direction.

Sustainability has indeed been playing a major role at the events’ talks and is something most brands are willing to invest in, in order to protect the planet and fulfill their clients’ demands. The consciousness of environmental issues continues to rise as many designers and interior design projects are prioritizing sustainable materials and processes. This trend is not only an ethical choice but a financially sound one: not only costumers are seeking more eco-friendly solutions, as we previously implied, as it also gets retailers the most precious media attention.

Lighting Trends Spotted
PHOTO: ISaloni

Another trend that is standing out is the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, especially marble. Creatives are conceiving lighting objects that seamlessly blend with the environment, lending a warm and inviting ambiance to living and hospitality spaces. LED lights have long become preferential, as they are being used in innovative ways, resulting in fixtures that combine both beauty and functionality and reduce energy consumption.

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Lighting Trends Spotted

Overall, the latest lighting trends showcased at ISaloni and Euroluce 2023 demonstrate an exciting shift toward technology, sustainability, and experimentation. All aspects one must consider when trying to create a perfect lighting atmosphere for a dining area, and that we value, especially when it comes to luxury lighting designed to fulfill both functional and aesthetic standards.

Lighting Trends Spotted

Dining Room Ideas got the chance to travel to Milan Design Week and has brought you a summary of all the Lighting Trends Spotted at ISaloni. Browse through our archive for more design furniture tradeshow-related content and much information regarding dining rooms.


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