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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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Latest Dining Room Trends by LUXXU – Showroom Sneak Peek

Latest Dining Room Trends by LUXXU – The Dining Room Ideas team got to go to LUXXU‘s showroom on a field trip and was able to testify how the brand incorporates the latest dining room trends into their perfectly styled decors. Keep on reading for a sneak peek of the interior luxury design label proposals for the next season.

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Latest Dining Room Trends by LUXXU

Latest Dining Room Trends


Nothing better than a visit to LUXXU’s showroom to learn all about the latest interior design trends. The iconic luxury brand has a collection with many proposals for the dining room area, all bursting with sophistication and class.

If you have a dining room project in your hands, we strongly recommend you book a visit. There are plenty of options, that will allow you to create stunning atmospheres for both hospitality or private homes.

Latest Dining Room Trends: Quality First

Quality is a trend that doesn’t go out of fashion. Long-lasting furniture is, therefore, a must in every dining room and one of LUXXU’s greatest assets. An essential feature you can encounter in the finesse of the label’s designs, the high standard of the chosen materials, and the careful labor impress in the finishings.

Latest Dining Room Trends by LUXXU

And because rules are meant to be broken, the showroom-styled dining room shows us that 2023’s major commandment for this spring can easily become an understatement. Thanks to Pantone, and to Viva Magenta being the color of the year, there is a false notion that bold, vibrant tones are the obvious bet for the season. But LUXXU is proving us all wrong, with this sober and neutral dining room, enriched by the mixing of textures and with its boldness stated by the strong usage of marble.


Algerone Bar Cabinet & Shard Suspension & Algerone Rectangular Dining Table

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Latest Dining Room Trends by LUXXU

Casual Dining, a Quite Relaxed Trend

The idea of a whole website dedicated to dining rooms comes from a place of really believing that dining rooms are, undoubtedly, the soul of every home. The dining room is where people gather and share themselves, and where great bonds are created over a plate of nourishing food. And that is why, among the latest dining room trends, this one speaks to us dearly: the informal dining arrangement.

Latest Dining Room Trends by LUXXU

LUXXU’s bar furniture is a great alternative for those looking to give dining spaces that informal twist. Combined with the perfect lighting, a counter or a tall bar table surrounded by greatly designed bar stools will provide any dining room with an effortless elegance that will guarantee a more relaxed atmosphere.


Nura Swivel Bar Chair & Darian Bar Table & Charla Bar Chair

Are you enjoying our little trip to the LUXXU’s showroom? Do not hesitate to book yourself a visit. Suitable for the dining areas, these were the settings, that incorporated the latest dining room trends, stole our hearts, and translated everything we believe a dining room should ultimately be: functional and timeless.

Exquisite dining room furniture can be very differentiating. Keep on reading Dining Room Ideas and we will keep you updated about the Latest Dining Room Trends.


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