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Inspiration: 5 Tips for Dining Rooms That You Have Not Thought Of

Inspiration: 5 Tips for Dining Rooms That You Have Not Thought Of

Need inspiration for your dining room area? It’s not always easy to know what to look for but here are five tips that will help you with your interior design.

We all need inspiration. The greatest minds, artists, and designers all drew inspiration from the external environment and came up with ideas that have roots elsewhere besides their own heads. Take and learn from the best, and apply it to your own life, craft or, in this case, to your interior design.

1. Details & accessories

dining room, dining tables, brabbu, inspiration, tips, ideas, luxury design
Smaller objects make up the room

To create the right atmosphere in your dining room, pay attention to the smaller pieces that aren’t necessarily the main objects of the room: the wall and floor lamps for the perfect lighting, a mirror, pillows to create a cozier home-like look, which is particularly important if you decide to use a lot of metal, modern furniture, sharp edges or any other objects and pieces that could use something to soften up the overall look.

2. Matching colors

dining room, dining tables, inspiration, brabbu

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One way to match some pieces and create balance in the room is to have, for instance, chairs with a strong, eye-catching color that is different than the rest of the furniture, and then use a carpet, curtains or some other piece of furniture, or even flowers as seen above, that contain some details in that same bright color. It’s all about being subtle, but it is pleasing to the eye. This dining room idea has flowers, a book on the shelf, and details on the wallpaper that all match the Bourbon Dining Chairs.


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3. Make one color pop

Handcraft Dining Room Furniture by BRABBU
Nanook Dining Chairs with golden nail head trim & the Koi II Dining Table

It’s not always easy when trying to combine and match colors. Perhaps there is a beautiful color you like and want to incorporate in your project but there is not much to match it with. That’s okay. If all the other colors around are more neutral, or if they match together, for example, having lots of brown, beige, and white, and then inserting the furniture, which could be the chairs as pictured, in the color you desire so that the color and object(s) pop and really stand out. This same principle can also be applied if you already have a neutral colored or somewhat doll environment; then placing chairs in bright, gorgeous aqua blue (or another color) can make the room come alive, look exciting instead of boring, and it’s an easy and great solution if you struggle with matching colors together.

4. All-white plus one eye-catching color

dining rooms, dining tables, brabbu, inspiration
IBIS Dining Chairs & AGRA Dining Table

Related to number 3, to create contrast and to have colors that pop, have an all-white dining room with white objects and add an eye-catching flamboyant color. Don’t forget good lighting for the right ambience.




5. Adding more to the dining room

Dining room, dining table, inspiration, tips, home, brabbu
Leather DUKONO Armchair with nail head trimming & SCUTUM Wall Light

Dining rooms can contain more than just the dining table and chairs. Sufficient space allows more furniture, such as armchairs, bar stools, cabinets, etc., to be added to the dining area  This is particularly worthwhile if you want to turn the dining room into a place in the home where social gatherings take place. More options for sitting down, and not just around the table but also in a corner or against a wall, encourages your guests or family to stay and interact, and it helps mingling during dinner parties.

Which of these five tips will you use after reading this article? You can utilize more than just one of these tips.


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