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Why the Dining Room is the Most Important Room in Your Home

Why the Dining Room is the Most Important Room in Your Home

The dining room has become the new living room, the place in the home where the family can gather and spend time together, both before and after meals. With the right decorations and furniture, this section of your home will become the room where you want to relax or have fun, spend your time and enjoy the atmosphere that you have created. It’s perfect for socializing with your loved ones: friends and family. Conversations, dinners, board games, everything becomes convenient with a more fulfilling experience since there is usually no television, computer, and other technology to distract you from activities that matter most: living in the present moment with the ones you wish to spend more time with.

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KOI Dining Table: Featuring a base in aged brass and a top in acrylic

After dinners, it’s not uncommon for family members to scatter and disappear in each their own room, or for couple’s, the one partner that quickly glues his or her face to the television screen. Now what? Why leave the one area where loved ones actually sit in close proximity and share meals and intimate moments and conversations? It’s time to change that! It’s important for you and your partner or family to design a dining room where one simply does not want to leave. Comfortable chairs, cozy lighting and beautiful design can turn your dining room from a place where you just eat into the main area of the home.

For comfort while seated, you can try the Nuka Dining Chair, where you feel as if you’re melting into the cotton velvet, and the fabrics and colors can be customized. The PLATEAU I Dining Table is inspired by the Monument Valley in Arizona. It features a top in walnut root veneer with a matte varnish and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass. The base is in matte black lacquer, making it an intriguing dining furniture piece.

Nuka Armchairs in Grey (more colors are also available).

The dining room is the one area of the home that should be invested. It is multi-functional; it serves more than just one purpose.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

Having the type of dining room of your dreams will bring back the more traditional lifestyle before technology, before we were all in a rush, and where gathering around the dining table was a priority and an event in and of itself. This is something that can be achieved regardless if you prefer a traditional mid-century style of interior design or a contemporary look with modern furniture. Either way, Brabbu designs and manufactures both styles. Go ahead and take a look, and feel inspired to create your new main living space!

Adding a couch

You can add another comfortable arm chair or small couch in the corner of your dining room or up against a wall if you have the extra space. This also encourages people to stay and spend time in the dining room rather than disappearing to go lie on the living room couch. There are more options for sitting down and it helps create an environment that feels multi-functional.


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Will You Prioritize Your Dining Room?

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