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Your Dining Room: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Your Dining Room: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Dining chairs, mirrors, side tables, flowers, the color of your walls, matching colors, decorations. These are some of the factors you should consider and change to turn your dining room into an extraordinary space. Assess and recognize where your dining room is lacking and what is working, and don’t skip any details.

On top of providing an exclusive look, adding a beautiful mirror on your dining room wall will function as decoration while also creating an illusion that makes the room appear bigger. A mirror is a must!


CAYAN Mirror

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KUMI Mirror


If you have the extra space, then a reading corner or a small section that allows for relaxation in the dining room besides sitting by the dining room table is a wonderful bonus to have. It makes the dining space an area for more than simply consuming a meal, and it encourages people to stay in the room and socialize more.


BRYCE Sidetable, NAJ Sofa & Ottoman, PHONG Wall Light


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


The lighting can make or break your dining room (hopefully, not literally). An eye-catching chandelier can steal the show and the right lighting can provide the perfect, romantic atmosphere. Choose light bulbs with warmth as opposed to white, sterile lighting.


IBIS Dining Chairs & AGRA Dining Table


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VELLUM Wall Light


When designing your dining room, these objects may be overlooked, but cabinets, sideboards, and cupboards take up a good amount of space, you should therefor consider a style and color that fit your theme, and even better, select pieces that match such these. This will create more order i your dining room and it sends the signal that you are conscious about your decisions and not randomly picking just any piece of furniture.


HUANG: sideboard and cabinet


The dining room chairs are obviously very important as they should be both stunning and comfortable since most of your time that is spent in the dining room is by sitting on the dining chairs.


dining chair dining room chair extraordinary mirrors



dining chair dining room chair extraordinary mirrors

See price here



How will you turn your dining room from ordinary to extraordinary?



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