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Luxury Houses Vol.2 By Luxxu Luxury Houses Vol.2 By Luxxu

6 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Must Know

It would be an interesting thing to use different pieces of furniture to light a room up. With the development of furniture design, people are no longer satisfied with using a bulb to provide lighting for a room. Together with different pieces, we can generate stunning effects on lighting. Dining Room Ideas research 6 dining room lighting tips on how to lighting a dining room in a stylish way.

Install a Dimmer

7 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Need To Know

To create a warm and dimming lighting in a dining room, you can install a dimmer into the room.

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Don’t Hang It Too Low

7 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Need To Know

Hanging the pendants too low will hinder visions and make people feel annoyed. Besides, hanging it too low makes space feel low and narrow.

Mirror the shape of the table

7 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Need To Know

A large chandelier is not suitable for a small table that will overpower the small table. Therefore, when selecting the right lights, the first thing to be considered is the size both of lights and table.

Supplement the Light if it’s Too Soft

7 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Need To Know

The dining room is not only used for intimate dinner, you can some other decorations such painting and greenery to supplement the light.-Use a rug

7 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Need To Know

A large rug can not only provide comfort, but also add elegance to the room.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Customize Your Shades

7 Dining Room Lighting Tips You Need To Know

Different shades can generate different effects. If you don’t like the shades of a light, feel free to change it as you like.


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