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Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

In summer is when people want to renovate their houses because of the colors, weather, happiness that is in the air, everything. That’s why today I will talk about Dining Room Design trends for 2019. To inspire you to design your dining room for next year.

In this article, you will find everything you will need to know to have a room that will blow the mind of your guests.

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Check out the new trends, inspire yourself and spice things up a bit with these stylish decor trends for 2019.

Modern Colors

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

The wall and the wooden furniture are one of the trends for next year. The white color accompanied by shades of grey or black are also stylish. To design a dining room even more elegant, but at the same time modern, you should put gold and brass details, but not as the basic tones.

Sleek lighting fixtures

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

Other new trends for 2019 are the hanging lamps or “pendant lamps”, with a rounded shape. This type of furniture gives a modern style into the room. If you are looking for a chic new lighting, don’t hesitate, visit BRABBU’s website.


Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

Mirrors never go out of style. They can make space appear larger than it is actually and it adds glamour to their surroundings. If you want a contemporary dining room this is the perfect accessory.

Furniture trend

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

Next year, besides the glamour, the trend is to find a completely comfy design to the dining room. Eclectic spaces in which it is allowed to harmoniously unite their favorite styles are a favorite.

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Modern Minimalist

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

This room stands out with its sharp lines, functional living spaces, and minimalist design. The elements recreate a sophisticated and elegant space, as you can see. Another thing to have attention are the colors that are kept to only greys and whites, with tiny touches of black which make a modern dining room.

Polished Tables 

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

Mirrors are not just for walls. In fact, mirrored furniture pieces like dining tables are perfect to add impact to a room. This contemporary design features a table with a polished surface, adding sophistication to the overall design.

Industrial Chic

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

This style segment attracts more and more followers each day. It is a model that adapts to every home, but that also fits perfectly for internal environments of little companies.

Modern Nordic

Dining Room Design Trends for 2019

Nordic style is a genre of interior designing where a lot of whites and lights spaces are showcased. The color white is a color that reigns in the Nordic style, but this does not mean that it can not be combined with others, like the wood.

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What was your favorite dining room design trend for 2019 in this article? Please, leave your comment below.

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