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Dining Room Design Ideas: 10 Inspiration dining room tables-part I

There are so many features for dining room sets, when the time is to pick one, as shapes, sizes, styles, materials and even colours! The question is, which one suits your dining room design ideas? Each dining room decor sets the inspirations of your entire home decor, but making sure it fits your space and gives enough seating is even more critical. Today we share with you the first 10 selection of a 50 total inspiration dining room tables that will give you an A rated in dining room decorating ideas. Let’s start…

Dining Room Lights ideas with Delightfull


KOI round dining table has a modern top made in acrylic and a geometric brushed brass base. An inpiring dining table room for 4 person, who can sit around this unique mid century design table! BRABBU giving you a contemporary dining room idea!

Dining Room Design Ideas 10 Inspiration dining room tables KOI round brass dining room table by BRABBU

AGRA from BRABBU  is an elegant and modern pedestal dining table. Made with white marble it’s inspired in the robust white stone of the Taj Mahal.

Dining Room Design Ideas 10 Inspiration dining room tables AGRA round pedestal marble dining room table by BRABBU

Luxury Dining Tables

Combining uniqueness, passion and excellence,  its what Fendi Casa believes, when place a dining room set, mixing glamour and comfort, and luxury … Fendi Casa gives you the best solutions for rectangular dining room tables for 6 and 8 persons!

Luxury Dining Room Design Ideas

With a metal base and a large wood table top, this is the perfect dining table for 10 or if you want to call, one of a kind family room decorating ideas!

Luxury Dining Room Design Ideas

Keeping the previous furniture design idea, Fendi Casa has a large wide of rectangular dining tables. The following one is a familiar option, a dining table for 6.

Luxury Dining Room Design Ideas

Keeping its main design lines, Fendi Casa has one more luxury dining table for 6! This one with lacquered legs!

Dining Room Design Ideas 10 Inspiration dining room tables Fendi Luxury Dining Room tables (4)


Oval dining tables

Isn’t an usual dining room design ideas choice, but when silver accents are applied in dining room tables, you must be prepared for a fine dinner….

Oval Dining Room Design Ideas

This is the kind of honey & gold accents that you need to create an environment with oval dining tables…Small dining room ideas can be needed!

Dining Room Furniture

This is for sure an easy option: grey accents, beneath contemporary ceiling lamp fixtures…but first take a look into this modern dinin room idea!

Dining room lighting ideas

Wooden Dining tables

Keep simple and clean wooden dining tables in your dining room set options!

Dining Room Design Ideas



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