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Dark Dining Rooms: The Right Choice

Dark Dining Rooms: The Right Choice

Have you noticed how the finest restaurants and cafes often have dark colored walls, dimmed lighting and darker furniture? There is a reason for this and you can let yourself get inspired by this idea and emulate these restaurants.

Black or dark walls is the way to go. It creates a romantic and cozy environment as opposed to white walls, which can feel cold and hospital-like. Most homes have white but it is almost guaranteed that your interior design will look better if you select dark walls. With dark walls you pay more attention to the actual furniture instead of first noticing the white walls.

As you can see below, all the furniture brightens up, it’s noticeable and stands out. It would blend in with the background and lose the special feel if the walls were white.

Handcraft Dining Room Furniture by BRABBU
AGRA II Dining Table

You do not live in a clinic or a cafeteria, so you do not need as much white as a lot of people have. Don’t be like them.


If you have windows, which you most likely do, in your dining room, especially large windows like this one, then you can safely choose black walls and dark chairs and tables as the natural lighting will brighten up the dining room during the day, and in the evenings it should not be bright anyway, but do choose beautiful floor lamps, wall lights or chandeliers for the right ambience. Placing pieces such as mirrors on the walls help the dining room appear bigger, and if the pieces are gold or bright, the black does not feel overwhelming, if that is a worry of yours.

PLATEAU I Dining Table and purple IBIS Dining Chairs

If you absolutely must keep your white walls and cannot change them, then contrast the color with black furniture and dark wood. This creates balance in the dining room. In this case, it is a good idea to have chandeliers that brighten up that furniture to keep the eyes from paying attention to the walls.

Maison Valentina freestanding bathtubs


Here is another example of having some contrast in a bright white room. Typically, if your dining room is connected to the kitchen then it is going to be white. Let the furniture capture the attention along with the curtains or the plants and their pots.

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White walls, but black with black gives your dining room a modern, bold, sleek look.

Luxury Design Chairs for Your Room

With dark walls you can have chairs and pieces that are bright or colorful and the dining room will still feel like it belongs to someone mature and stylish without looking tacky and tawdry. If extremely colorful is your style, dark walls will save the entire dining room space.



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Will you go with dark walls? Dark furniture? Or both?


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